Company Overview

Tafawok was founded in 2007 as a supplier for clinical lab instruments, reagents, and consumables. Since then, we were working very hard to make Tafawok your first choice when it comes to adding a new instrument to your lab and the place where you can go from purchasing a small instrument to building a professional clinical lab.
Our team always welcomes partners and ready to offer the support they need. We consider consulting as a tool that helps us build a successful relationship with our customers, customar care is one of our values to gain the customer`s trust.
Tafawok is considered as one of the best companies in Libya for after-sale services. It is an exclusive distributor of several well-known medical suppliers in the world such us Orgentic, Tosoh, Dymind, Medica, Polycheck, etc. We have two main branches in Tripoli and Benghazi with more than thirty employees with different backgrounds and skills. All of our staff members are well-trained under the supervision of our partners to ensure high-quality services.
Our goal is to guide Tafawok to be a provider of all range of Biomedical instruments and smart health solutions that hospitals, clinics, and clinical lab need.