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Bitlims introduction

Key Features

Mobile App

Key Features

web-based system

It can be installed locally or in the cloud with ability to remote log in access.

easy to use

The interface is simple and easy to use for different levels of system users. English and Arabic languages are available


When Lab is Located inside a clinic by one click a clinic mode will be activated to handle the all payment processes between the Lab and Clinic.

Electronic sign in

The patient will get an electronic ID for quick sign in to the system.

Communication Protocals

Lab devices are connected with bitlims system by Communication protocols to transfer data automatically.

Mobile app

This application helps to accessing to routine tests results saved in patient’s account with chart of previous results whenever required.

Lab to Lab

Requests will be sent from lab to another via the cloud and the results will be sent back automatically with financial settlement handled.

QR Service

By scanning the QR code on the receipt the patient will receive the requested results through the internet.

DB Management

DB Backup and restore could be schedulable done on demand of the client.

Reports & Searches

Bitlims provides output reporting with option of different format.

24/7 support team

Our team is well trained to support the client at any time they ask for any kind of assistance.

After sale services

The system will be updated when needed to fix any bugs could appear or any issue could show up, or for improvement as well.

Bitlims Components

Bitlims is an all in one solution that integrates HR, Finance, and Inventory management systems designed for labs.


A complementary system of main bitlims developed purposely conducting and following up all financial transactions of laboratories, calculating and displaying income in details according to the types of analyses automatically when linked to the main system, as well as calculating and displaying details of expenses and evaluating fixed assets on a daily basis, taking into account calculating the depreciation value of assets daily. As well as evaluating the value of the lab on a daily basis, taking into account the capital, total income and total expenses and fixed asset values, and thus calculating annual profits. This system also allows organizing the accounts of partners, suppliers and customers.


Bitlims Inventory

It is An effective complementary system of bitlims developed to organize inventory processes, organize exchange operations, as well as the process of transferring goods,materials and items from the main store to the branch stores in case there is a group of stores. a management system which encompass purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, sales orders,order fulfillment, distribution and customer service management.


Bitlims HRMS

It is An effective complementary system of bitlims developed to manage labs human resources by automating manual tasks, keeping employees information organized, and creating data-driven reports including Working hours and daily-tasks,Payroll, trainings, Vacations and absenses, Insurance, Per employee reports and statistics. This is all done electronically, eliminating the need for paper documents.

Bitlims is a web-based solution that can be accessed from everywhere and through different types of devices.

Bitlims mobile App

With bitlims mobile app a patient can receive the test results using the application. For routine tests the results will be saved in the patient account to be compared with old ones.

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