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Dymind Products

Dymind products from Tafawok Company

Installation of Laboratory Management System

The medical laboratory management system (Bitlims) has been installed. in Adam Medical Laboratory / Hadhiba.
Among the features of the Bitlims system:
° It saves you time and effort and reduces human errors.
° Easy to use and quick to respond.
° Works in Arabic and English.
° Connect all laboratory devices and download the results directly.
° You save all research data and statistics.
° It provides patients with the ability to receive the result via a QR code via their mobile phones.
° Doctors can follow up on the results of the hesitant patients through the Bitlims application from anywhere, as well as patients can follow up the results through the same application and review all the analyzes that were conducted inside the laboratory.
° The possibility of adding special features and advantages according to the customer's request.
° Availability of a specialized team of engineers 24 hours a day.
And many other features that we are honored to have you to explain more.

Participating in The International Day of Medical Technology in Benghazi

Tafawok Medical Solutions Company is pleased and honored to have participated in the International Day of Medical Technology in Benghazi, which was organized on the 5th and 6th of December 2022 with the participation of major companies specialized in the medical field. A valuable applied scientific study, in which the most important equipment of our agencies in the field of medical analysis, as well as the management system of medical laboratories of our company, were presented to the audience, with explanation and detail for specialists and simplification and preparation for others. Many thanks to the host college and to the promising engineers and employees of our company.

Installion of a Clinical chemistry test device, Piccolo Chem .

By the grace of God Almighty, a clinical chemistry test device has been installed Gesan Piccolo Chem Automated Chemistry Analyzer. From the Italian Gesan company, in the Al-Deqqa laboratory,Tajoura. The device is designed for medium and small laboratories, as it is characterized by its size suitable for small spaces. The device is characterized by speed, accuracy, and high stability, in addition to the ease of using the operating program, in addition to the small size of the solution bottle that is installed in the device, which reduces the time for the solution to remain after opening it in the device and gives high stability to the solutions. And accurate in the results, it also features a large list of clinical chemistry tests, which includes:
Daily sugar and cumulative sugar Diabetic marker
Lipid profile
RFT kidney functions
LFT liver function
Urinary Protein
Therapeutic Drugs
Drug of abuse tests
Specific proteins
Serum Zinc blood test.
All thanks to Mr. Mohamed Al-Maddah, Director of Al-Deqqa Tajoura Laboratory, for his high confidence in the products of tafawok company.

Installation of HLC-723GX(GX) In a Public hospital's Lab.

For the first time in the public sector within the city of Misrata,Al Qasr Ahmed Hospital A Japanese giant cumulative hemoglobin and sugar variables measurement device that works with gold technology HPLC has been installed. Tosoh GX HPLC Hemoglobin Variants and Hba1c Analyzer Where the device was operated and calibrated, and the technical staff were trained on how to operate and programming GX. All thanks to Engineers Ali and Wisam for their efforts and generosity. For your health..Tafawok always strive to provide the best..